Sunday, June 1, 2008

Countdown to China!

TEN more days and we are off to China!!!!

Wow, that sounds unbelievable! Especially because, as if today were just like any other Sunday afternoon, I spent all day preparing for our week of school. Maybe I should've been finishing my shopping, packing, list making, etc., instead!?!? Maybe I should be taking the week of school off to shop, pack, make lists, etc. However, being that I am both a perfectionist when it comes to school and a procrastinator in almost everything (I work best under pressure -- I hope), I plan to carry on with school as if it is any other least that is the plan for now...if I start to freak out mid-week, I think I'll give myself permission to call it quits until we return from China.

I've updated my "Travel Approval" post to show our confirmed travel schedule, which is almost identical to the first schedule I listed. It looks like we will meet Brock Ji Hao on Sunday, June 15th...Father's Day!! That is just FOURTEEN days from now (really thirteen, considering it is Monday already in China) :o)!!!

Max will meet his second son AND a precious almost-eight-year-old boy will meet his forever father on Father's Day -- no doubt our Father in heaven will be there, too, watching and holding us in His hand as His plan for the merging of all of our lives unfolds.


Cherie said...


Love, Cherie

Kindred Heart said...

So glad! Can't wait to follow you on yet another journey of love. We'll be praying you through...