Thursday, May 31, 2007

My Ambition

Just before we moved to Texas, a dear friend from Wisconsin gave me Elizabeth Prentiss', The Little Preacher. Simple and unassuming at first glance, this easy read, written in 1867, is full of little nuggets of truth and conviction (as is Prentiss' more well known, Stepping Heavenward...a must read as well).

As I read through The Little Preacher, I started an index card of quotes from the text. My favorite is one I frequently pull out and read, as it truly is my ambition as well :

"As for her, like most women, she had but one ambition. To be a good
wife and a good mother, and to be beloved by her husband and children, was all
she asked. What she was in the old home, that she was in the new; a busy,
affectionate, cheerful little housewife, whose voice would never be heard in the
streets, but whose memory would always live in a few faithful hearts."

You can order a copy of The Little Preacher, Stepping Heavenward, and many other great books at:

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kindredheart said...

I'm so excited about your blog, friend, and look forward to reading your insights and hearing your heart.

Thanks so much for sharing your heart's ambition. I've already added it to my black toile book of quotes. :) My heart soars and rejoices as I consider the position in which God has placed us to love and influence the dear ones He's given us.

By the way, I love the B-Keeping theme of your blog! Max & Jon share a common love for "Keeper of the Bees"...Jon was just saying he needs to read it again!

We miss you guys!