Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Travel Approval!

Sorry about not updating you all for so long on our adoption progress. I was going to sit down last Wednesday night and give a not-so-upbeat update on our no-where-in-sight Travel Approval, but news of the Chapman's tragedy that night quickly changed my perspective on things (all things). How could I be so anxious and upset about the trivial matter of when we will travel when they had just lost one of their precious treasures from China and would never see her again this side of heaven? How could I not trust the Lord in my small matter, when the Chapmans were being asked to trust Him in such a HUGE, incomprehensible way? Immediately, upon hearing about little Maria's death, much more than grief swept over me. I also felt convicted. So, I gave my now seemingly trivial matter completely over to the Lord, and began praying, praying, praying for this very heartbroken family.

Coincidently, we found out on Friday that our Travel Approval had been mailed from China on Wednesday. It arrived today at our agency's office in St. Louis. With Travel Approval in hand, our agency requested our appointment with the American Consulate in Guangzhou, and should hear from them in the next few days. Once we have the confirmed Consulate appointment, we are ready to book flights and pack like crazy! It looks like we might just be bringing our son home before the Olympics :o)!!!

Here is our confirmed schedule (updated June 1st, 2008):

Wednesday, June 11th: Leave San Antonio at 8:47 a.m. and fly to Shanghai!

Thursday, June 12th: Arrive in Shanghai at 8:50 p.m.(red dot on map on right)

Friday, June 13th: Tour Shanghai - We are so excited about this, as Max really wanted to do this on our first trip to China.

Saturday, June 14th: Take train from Shanghai to Nanjing (we have to meet our son in the provincial capital, which is Nanjing; yellow dot on map)

Sunday, June 15th: Meet Brock Ji Hao!!!!!

Monday, June 16: Begin adoption process (registration and notary)... our new son officially becomes Brock Ji Hao Goodrich

Tuesday, June 17: Free day in Nanjing

Wednesday, June 18: Free day or sightseeing in Nanjing

Thursday, June 19: Free day or sightseeing in Nanjing

Friday, June 20: Receive all Brock Ji Hao's paperwork and complete forms with CHI coordinator for American Consulate appointment

Saturday, June 21: Fly to Guangzhou (red dot on dark gray map)

Sunday, June 22: Free day in Guangzhou (start shopping, of course)

Monday, June 23: Medical examination for Brock Ji Hao

Tuesday, June 24: Possible choice for American Consulate appointment

Wednesday, June 25: Go to Consulate late in the day and get your Brock Ji Hao's visa

Thursday, June 26: Return home (and smother Brielle with kisses)

Thanks for your prayers!


Kindred Heart said...

My heart and prayers are with you, Tracy. So thankful to hear that you're another step closer to bringing home little Brock...

Anonymous said...

OMG!!!!! Our whole family will be traveling with you in spirit this time!!!!! Gina