Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Pretty in Patches!

Today, I took Brielle to a pediatric opthamologist. Recently, we have been noticing her right eye doesn't seem to track properly with her left eye. We ended up being at the doctor's office for two and a half hours, and Brielle was such a stellar little patient. We never go to the doctor, so I was very surprised at how grown-up she acted. She was so excited for the doctor to check out her eyes. She jumped up and down and squealed with delight (feeling very important, of course) when the nurse called her name while we were in the waiting room. Then, she happily jumped down the hall to the exam room. She quietly and cooperatively named each of the little pictures the doctor asked her to name. Sure enough, her right eye couldn't see the progressively smaller pictures as well as her left.

The doctor said her right eye has a slight astigmatism, but she wasn't sure it was enough of a curvature to cause the difference in sight. The other potential cause is "lazy eye". In either case, she said that they always start with patching the good eye to make the brain start using the affected eye.

Soooooo...Brielle gets to wear a pretty patch over her left eye for FOUR hours every day until we see the doctor again in September. This should make for an interesting summer! She did a GREAT job tonight wearing it. She picked out the blue patch with the pink butterflies, hearts, and flowers. We all made a BIG deal about how pretty she was in her patch, how special it was that the doctor is having her wear the patches, etc. etc. etc. She left it on for FOUR hours in a row without any problem. To be honest...I am shocked! Not really a Brielle thing to do. Max thinks maybe the eye drops they put in to dilate her eyes had some sort of sedative in them :o). We'll see what tomorrow brings (and the next 66 days until we see the doctor again).

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