Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Mother Like No Other

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I'm taking over Tracy's Blog (one day only; no encores please). - Max

Memories that make Tracy the best mom in the world:

Using the full time allotted during college junior year spring break to birth and take care of Brittany - didn't miss a day of school
Staying seated at the table while letting an employee of Cracker Barrel take her new born Brittany into the kitchen to show her off
Caring for Brittany at our first home, a tiny apartment at dirty Chateau Village - we fit in well with all the other creepy tenants
Caring for a family with minimal resources: $8 for two weeks of groceries ($60 phone bill)
Finishing college (an important example) while taking the best care of Brittany and me

Hours and hours of video taping baby Brittany saying “soo big”
Motherhood with minimal breaks for self; breaks like walking in search of dollars with me hoping to find $ to buy ice cream at McDonalds
Playing with kids and Simba for hours in the backyard at Boneham Addition – our first real home
Many stroller walks with Brittany, Brant, and me up and down Boneham Addition’s country road
Working for 75% less as a night transcriptionist (vs. nurse) to have the day hours for the children

Putting up with husband studying seven years for hours a day; helping him get the CFA & CFP
Getting the kids integrated in their new town of Sheboygan (YMCA, dance, ball, hockey)
Leading the family into home schooling in the best interest of her children
Buying a tent and going on many family camping trips at Yogi Bear and other campsites
Vacation planning to bring education into fun vacations: Badlands, Cap Cod, Williamsburg
Taking the family for many nature walks at Maywood and getting excited about barf (owl pellets)
Leading the family along with Brittany into adopting our precious little Brielle
Including her son in her marathon training by wanting him to ride his bike along each time

Leading the family in running and the importance of living healthy
Hours and hours and hours and weekends in encouragement of Brant’s hockey
She sees a little boy in a picture with pulled in ears and no hearing – wants to make his/our lives better
Leading the family along with Brittany into adopting Brock Ji Hao
Spending hours and hours every day making sure the children get the best education available
Sacrificing her time every day to cook, clean and do the laundry – with joy
Walking/hiking often with the family: Eisenhower, Comanche, Govt Canyon, McAllister, and around the neighborhood
Being a family running partner; teaching Brant the benefits of running
Encouraging Brittany in her love for writing and acting; attending all of her events
Making life fun for little B’L: Starbucks, park, pool, games
Transporting and arranging all the kids SHINE activities to show them the importance of others in their lives
Being someone who the kids are proud to tell others she is their mom

Tracy, thank you for all you have done and all you will do!!!??? Also, thank you for doing it in a way that is fun, light, full of energy and excitement. Thank you for being our family’s sunshine!!! We, especially me, all LLLUUUUUUUUUVVV You!!!!!

Happy Mothers Day!



Tracy said...

Wow, that is good post if I say so myself. You must be a great husband! -Max

Cindy said...

Aw...very sweet, Max! Tracy IS an AMAZING mother...Happy Mother's Day, Sis (okay, I know, we never call each other "sis", but it seems to work so go with it)!
Love you...can't wait to see you!

Gina Descheneaux said...

I'm telling Ray about this!! Opps, I did get a weekend in Chicago. We have FANTASTIC husbands :) We're waiting too for Brock to join your family in person!!! Gina

Waitingfaithfully said...

Awwwwwwwwe, that is too sweet!

Hoping you are making travel plans by the time we return!