Thursday, May 21, 2009

One year ago today, sweet little Maria Sue Chapman went home to be with Jesus. I'm sure some of you have been following the Chapman's journey of grief and healing. For those who haven't, you'll be inspired, humbled, and moved to tears by the courage, faith, and honesty shown on Mary Beth's blog.

I am so encouraged by these words written today by Steven's manager, Jim Houser:

And in Steven and Mary Beth's words, now that they as a family have stood at the door of eternity... they are more sure than ever that the Gospel is true. That when you go to the darkest, deepest, ugliest place... to the Very Bottom. God is there. He is still there with you. That it's all true. All the things that Steven has written and sung about all these years, it's true.

As someone who has been honored to walk alongside an extended family and circle of the Chapman's friends I have watched them closely. The words I've just typed aren't things they just say for interviews or for people at concerts or at church. They also say them when no one else is around... on planes to California with no one in the seat next to us, in their living room to each other, and on buses alone in the back lounge in the dark of night. They believe it, they are living it. Their new normal.

PLEASE continue to pray for the Chapman family as they navigate through the often uncertain and dark waters of "their new normal".

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