Wednesday, May 6, 2009

"Two Grandmas and a Grandpa"

wow...not sure what's up with Brock's face...maybe he sees that white, shadowy figure in the corner (inside joke for two grandmas and a grandpa :o) )

In case the title has you wondering...???...

Recently, Max's Mom and Dad, along with my Mom all flew together from TN to see Brittany's drama production (see next post) and to visit with us. In anticipation of their coming, Brock excitedly asked a LOT of questions. For some reason, he was having a hard time grasping that not ALL of our relatives from TN were coming just because some were. He kept asking about cousins, Aunt Cindy, Uncle Pat, etc. Likely, it was because when we went to TN for Thanksgiving, we saw ALL our TN relatives. Finally, I told him that just "two Grandmas and a Grandpa" were coming from TN -- a total of three people. For some reason, this clicked, and so it was repeated again and again before their arrival.

We had a great time, as always, with our extended family. What a blessing it is to share the simple things in life with loved ones. Simple our time together was. In between drama rehearsals and productions, we simply fixed meals together, ate together, talked (a lot), took nature walks, learned the names of some TX wildflowers, etc. Simple and relaxing.

Oh...I almost forgot to mention our greatest accomplishment together...

As tradition requires, we put together this beautiful 1,000 piece just 3 days!!! Okay, I admit...they were three VERY LONG days...days with not nearly enough sleep, but with so much good late-night conversation ;o) .

Thank you so much for coming, Two Grandmas and a Grandpa!!
Come back time with Grandpa #2!

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pjk said...

Hey guys, I love that puzzle picture. It reminds me of Ferris Buehler's Day Off. Pat