Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Missions....before missions!

The day before Brittany left for her mission's trip was deemed "Family Day", with Brittany choosing the day's activities. Even though we have seen them oodles of times, Brittany chose to once again visit the local Missions. None of us complained....we all love the Missions!

Mission San Jose

It was a beautiful afternoon spent with our little family. My heart is the most content when all six of us are spending time together in the quietude of nature or the beauty of an old, historic setting such as the Missions. Brittany further delighted my heart when, as we were strolling the quaint grounds of Mission San Francisco de la Espada, she grabbed my hand and said, "Thank you for homeschooling us, Mom, and for giving us a love of history and cultures." Ahhhhhhh! In that moment, all of the late night planning, late afternoon Chemistry correcting, all of the not-so-fun homeschooling moments -- they all disappeared. This journey is not always easy, but it can, and often does, yield precious rewards and memories.
Mission San Francisco de la Espada

Another sweet moment of our Family Day was when we were taking pictures at Mission San Jose. Something clicked in Brock's head, and he got all excited. He said, "Now Brock is in the picture!" He was remembering this picture we had sent to him while he was still in China...

Yes, Brock, now YOU are in the Goodrich Family Picture!!

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