Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Last month, I took this picture of Brock's dictation lesson. The messy handwriting on the top two lines belongs to me :o), while the neat penmanship on the bottom two lines belongs to my eager student. Every day, I give him a sentence or two to read, then I cover it up, and dictate it back to him while he writes each word. He loves to do this, and as you can see, he is quite good at it.

Brock also likes to spend his free time copying books like, "Go Dog Go!" .

Today, while I was working with the big kids, I looked over at Brock and found him composing all of these little notes on the chalkboard.

Might we have two enthusiastic writers under one roof?!?

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Silvia said...

How great it is to see your kids working all on their own, not even thinking about work, just enjoying doing things.

Tracy thanks for sharing your blog address at the yahoogroup. I loved your post on the tantrums. I was crying while reading. I saw myself through your words. I´ve done the same thing for the last two years at the "worms" come and go in seasons. Mine is only 5 but the holding and the talking and the love are all working. I´ve read so much on it. We felt powerless and lost and scared before but we know what to do now. Thanks for sharing all that, it has been a blessing to read your words.