Thursday, March 19, 2009

Just Another Day at the Goodrich House?!?!?

Yesterday afternoon, I was out with Brittany and her friends when I got a call from Brant.

His words were, "Mom, the weirdest thing just happened. I am upstairs reading, and I just heard a big crash. I looked out the window, and there is a blue car stuck in our garage."

My response, "What do you mean there is a car 'stuck in our garage'?"

He proceeded to describe to me the following scene....

Brant said he hadn't seen anyone exit the car, and he voiced concern that someone might be hurt inside. He was home alone, so I really didn't want him going out to check (by the way...the last time I left him home alone, he and his friend locked themselves out of the you see why I'm not fond of leaving my kids home alone????). I was about 25 minutes away, so I called two friends who live nearby, and they both agreed to come over to assess the situation. However, someone must have called 9-1-1, so the fire department and first responders showed up at our door first. Poor Brant! He handled it very maturely, and it wasn't long before my first friend showed up.

I, of course, was speeding home, getting updates from Brant and my friend along the way. The first update was that "someone was hurt and they couldn't find him/her". Oh great. Thankfully, they soon figured out that this was not the case. Instead, a car parked on the road a few houses up the street must not have been in gear, and it rolled downhill...right into our garage! For those of you who've been here and know the layout of our house/garage, it is actually a blessing that this car hit our garage instead of continuing to roll down the ever-steeper hill, gaining speed and causing much more damage to whatever finally stopped its descent.

Here are some more pictures of the scene...

Hmmmm...."roll for damage"...

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