Thursday, June 28, 2007

Happy 16th Anniversary, Max!!

Looking back to the day I married you, I realize that we were both rather naïve and probably didn’t fully comprehend the enormity of what we were committing to. We long-distance-dated for just under a year before you proposed and were married six short months after that. Did we really even know each other? We just knew that we were “madly in love” and wanted “to spend the rest of our lives together”.

Kind of scary, actually…but thank God that He knew there was more to us then starry-eyed infatuation. There is no doubt in my mind that He led us to one another and crafted each of us to be perfect soul-mate for the other. I am overwhelmed with gratitude to Him for giving me YOU!

Things I didn’t know 16 years ago:

*I was marrying someone who’d become my very best friend
*You’d inspire me to become a better person
*I’d cherish our talking “dates” on the couch
*I was getting a great running partner
*My heart would be held and so protected
*Each day, I’d be counting the hours until you came home from work
*You’d be the bright, shining spot in my day
*You'd much rather spend time with me and the kids than watch t.v.
*You’d keep such a great looking yard
*You’d value having a wife who is a full-time mom and homemaker
*I’d be showered with so much love, both in words and in actions
*You’d be such a family man
*You’d invest so much time in our children
*You’d open your heart and our home to our sweet Brielle
*You’d be such a stabilizing force in our family
*I’d want to spend my time with you more than anyone else in the world
*I would look forward to your daily phone call over lunch
*We’d have so much fun together
*You’d make me laugh so much
*How kind, patient, and slow-to-anger you are
*I'd be so much more in love with you 16 years down the road!

Looking forward to holding your hand through the rest of life's journey!

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Anonymous said...

how sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!