Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bound for Rwanda!!!

I can think of two things that would compel me to revive my blog after almost two years...

1. Another adoption
2. A mission trip

Unfortunately, we are not (yet) adopting again ;).
Instead, Brittany and I are embarking on an incredible journey to the beautiful country of Rwanda!!

We leave tomorrow morning, and we will return July 3rd.  We are going with an amazing ministry called Africa New Life Ministries .

We have been sponsoring a 16 yo girl through this ministry, and we will have the huge privilege of meeting her and her family!  I honestly can not fathom that! 

Sooooo very thankful to the Lord for opening up this opportunity for Brittany and I to serve and grow together.

Must go finish packing...stay tuned!!!  Prayers appreciated!

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