Thursday, July 31, 2008

I am NOT a big fan of appointments.

I love spending time with the girl who does our hair, but I don't even like the thought of hair appointments looming on my calendar. I'm not sure why ???

Maybe I just don't like to be "somewhere" at a "specified" time ?? Maybe I don't like the routine of my day interrupted ?? Maybe I don't like the
W A I T I N G in the Waiting Room ?? Maybe I don't like ALL of the paperwork I have to fill out (note: in the last two years, I've doubled the amount of paperwork I need to fill out for my children).

Sooooo...I really had to psych myself up for all of the potential appointments that we'd have to add to our calendar with our new addition to the family. Surprisingly, I've found that his appointments don't seem to bring about that all-too-familiar feeling of appointment-dread. It seems part of the reason I don't like appointments might be because, for the most part, it is really not necessary to be there (thank you, Lord), therefore it might feel like a waste of time ?? Anyway, I've found out that it is so very rewarding to take Brock to all his necessary appointments. It feels good to be actively doing something for him.

This week's calendar had a few days of appointments scratched in. We started our week with early morning appointments for Brock and Brielle at the pediatrician's office. Brielle just needed her 3 year old well-child check-up, and Brock was there for his first visit to the pediatrician. I realized that Brielle has not been to the doctor since her 2 year old check-up (another thank you, Lord). She has been so very healthy. She was so cute and cooperative doing the little developmental checks the nurse asked her to do (standing on one leg, drawing circles, drawing a cross, etc.). Brock's physical exam went great, and the doctor is now ordering the routine post-adoption labwork. We'll meet with her again once his blood work is completed. I really wish I had brought my camera, because the two of them were so adorable sitting up on the exam table together.

Here are their stats (as of 7-28-08):

Brielle - 3 years old:
Weight - 36 lbs ... 90th percentile
Height - 39 in ... 90th percentile

Brock - 8 years old:
Weight - 44 lbs ... 10th percentile
Height - 48 in ... 15th percentile

Talk about tipping the scales at both ends!!

There is only one three year old in every ten that is taller and weighs more than our little (can I still use that word for her?) Brielle! However, nine out of every ten eight year olds are taller and weigh more than our (very) little Brock! Both kiddos are said to be "well-proportioned" as their weight and height percentiles are the same or nearly the same.

These percentiles as based on American children - Asian children have a completely different chart (hmmm....where would Brielle be on that chart?). The doctor told me that she is just happy that Brock even hits the American chart, as often internationally adopted older children do not. They do, however, typically grow a lot in the first year or so home, so it'll be interesting to see how he plots in a year. With the way he is eating up all our American food (he's a great eater!), I'd be surprised if he didn't move up rather quickly.

With doctors appointments behind us, it was time for the next big appointment day of the week - all FIVE of us at the dentist! Does the thought of that make anyone else shudder?

After filling out ALL the paperwork for the 4 B's and me, it was a fun three and a half hours of running back and forth between exam rooms, checking in on kids and listening to the dentist's diagnosis/prognosis for each of them. Thankfully, NO ONE had any cavities! Isn't that amazing?!? Not even our so very sweet and brave Brock Ji Hao! He had spent almost 8 years in an orphanage in China, and that guy is cavity free! Just another thing I'd like to add to the "thank you for..." list I'm complying in my head to someday give the staff at the Wuxi City SWI.

I guess I need to clarify that the "NO ONE had any cavities" statement was made with some slight hesitation because little Miss Brielle only had a "happy visit" at the dentist. This means an all-positive visit, minimal cleaning with the hygenist and without the dentist even checking her teeth. She did GREAT and was so adorable in the big chair (no camera, AGAIN). However, leading up to our dentist appointment, I had been talking to Brielle about what to expect at the dentist, etc. Each time she would say, "I'm going to tell him that Dots and Mike and Ikes make my teeth hurt." It's true....I feed my little child candy (potty bribery)....and, yes, the candy makes her teeth hurt! I'm sure she's got something going on in there, and I told the dentist so, but he insisted that the visit remain "happy". We'll see what happens next visit !?!

Soooooo....could Brock's teeth be cavity-free because his caretakers were not bribing him with Dots and Mike and Ikes??? Oh boy, I'm learning so much about parenting and children from this kid. Someday I'll post more about all he's teaching me!

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Waitingfaithfully said...


Catching up with you again. Valerie C. has told me in the past that you and I must meet, as we are enough alike to be sisters . . . and everytime you post I think,"Yep, that's me!"

Last post it was the birthday doorway streamers, and the "Happy Birthday" poster (we do that here too), oh, and Curious George, love him! Now it's the appointments-- I loathe making appoinments, and having appointments on my calender, (except for getting my haircut-- all by myself!) Not sure why--although like you with Brock, I am looking forward to Teddi's appointments, as it means progress is being made!

Yay for Brock and NO cavities, after eight years in the orphanage, that is amazing! The older girls coming out of Teddi's SWI have come home with serious dental issues. Brock must have some strong teeth!! Good for your smilin' little man!

We must get together sometime! We are preparing to head for Michigan (home sweet home) for two weeks of vacation, we leave Wednesday. I am so excited to introduce Teddi to our family!

Blessings to you~