Sunday, October 7, 2007

A Shamefully Quick Update

As I predicted, turns out I'm a lousy blogger...

While carrying out my daily tasks as mom, homemaker, and teacher, I am often formulating blog posts in my never-still mind. These "posts", however, never seem to make it to this page. I'm not sure where I'm going wrong in the time-management category, but lately it truly seems like I have NO TIME for blogging. So, here is a quick (rather impersonal) update on what's been keeping us so busy.

School has begun. Brittany is a freshman. Brielle is a two year old. I'm using Tapestry of Grace for the first time. I'm teaching a Roller Coaster Physics class in our weekly homeschool co-op. Need I say more????

First day of school
Our high schooler
Our middle schooler
Our busy, busy toddler

Mounds of paperwork. Background checks. Doctor exams. Social Worker visits. Notarization. Our homestudy is finished, and we now await the USCIS for fingerprinting and the infamous I-171H. Our Letter of Intent to adopt sweet Hao was sent to China on 9-14-07, and we were so excited to receive our Preapproval to adopt him on 8-2-07! Now we can send him a package, and he'll know he has a family who loves him and is waiting for him! We can also post pictures. We are still considering names, but "Brock" seems to be the forerunner at this time. Introducing our handsome little guy...

We can't wait for you to join our busy home, sweet boy!

A return trip to Wisconsin after moving almost 2 years ago. Visited friends and favorite places. Met family in Green Bay for nephew's wedding. Had a great time with family and friends! We miss everyone sooooo much!

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Other contributors to our busy schedule: hockey season began and Grandma and Grandpa Good are visiting. More on these, later (hopefully)!

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Sharon Flath said...

Congratulations!! They got that LOI approval back quick!!